English information for visiting brethren

Dear brethren,

those visiting Fulda for business or private travel may ponder visiting our masonic lodge in Fulda at one of its stated monthly communications. Our regular blue lodge was founded 2010 and fraternally welcomes masons from all recognized Grand Lodges wherever they may be. Our stated communications take place in a special room of the baroque chateau "Fasanerie" in Eichenzell, once the sumptuous summer residence of the Prince-Bishops of Fulda.

In addition to our regular stated meetings one also make appointments for less formal meetings with members of the lodge through our secretary especially during summer holidays when lodge activities are less frequent.


Our lodge is a regular patented member of the United Grand Lodges of Germany, which in turn is recognized by the UGLE. Our blue lodge works in the first three degrees of freemasonry (EA, FC and MM). If you are planning a visit to our area please feel free to contact us through our secretary and don't forget to bring your apron and gloves as well as your dues card!


Fraternally yours

brethren of the lodge zum Frieden – la Paix